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<p>Following the success and popularity of the previous primrose festivals in the UK, Rudy Raes Bloemzaden is pleased to invite you to their first Primula Festival in Belgium. </p> <br/> <a style="color:green;padding-bottom:10px;" href=""> See the invitation for our Festival and check how to register</a> <br/> <p></p> <p style="color:red;text-align:center"> Access to the festival by appointment only ! </p> <p>The festival will be held at Raes Genetics in Destelbergen, Belgium. We aim to provide our visitors with an excellent opportunity to view our well-known and established standard series, special colours and designer mixtures plus a large number of new experimental and exciting novelty varieties. </p><p>Of course we have again included the industry standard varieties for comparison. Innovative ideas for primula in various pots and containers will be displayed to assist both the grower and retailer in presentation and marketing. </p>