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Primula (very) early seriesPrimus and Evie

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Primula (mid) early seriesAmbie and Rambo

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Primula (mid) late seriesTobie, Charlie, Rambo Late, Cabaret and Rubens

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Primula Fun Facts

The company slogan ‘Perfection in selection, selection means perfection’ has been one of our guiding rules in primula breeding since 1991.

Our breeding goals such as unique colour and flower shape, extra large flowers, tight flowering schedules and a good garden performance can really make the difference!

With our genetically compact varieties, we strive for sustainability throughout the entire production chain. Easy-to-grow varieties for the grower with limited use of inhibitors and energy are better for the environment.

Our Genetics' history

1927 - Knolbegonia's

In 1927, Omer Raes started as a small farmer with the production of tuberous begonias. Soon he was looking for breeding opportunities: How can we make these begonias even more beautiful? Omer mainly focused on the large-flowered double begonias.